I have always loved photography. I studied the subject at college but it was a very bad time. During our classes we learnt mostly darkroom techniques and film processing. During my second and final year the college invested in a hand full of digital camera’s and MacBook’s. These weren’t digital SLRs, this was way before those hit the scene. We had a few classes where we learnt how to use Photoshop and the cameras but no one was really interested. Just after I left college Agfa went out of business and things started to change, mostly all of what I had learnt over the last two years was now obsolete.

Wherever I go I take a camera with me and still take photographs, even though as the years pass I feel as if I am becoming less and less creative. I have embraced this digital culture and have my own digital SLR (even though it is a relic), the main reason for that is developing film is just so expensive. I am a purist in my beliefs and feel like the picture I take on my camera is the final version, I won’t even change it to black and white using the computer. Everything has to be done with the camera. I prefer it that way but there is one drawback, you can’t always capture exactly how  things were. To some people Photoshop has taken over their lives and believe that how we see the world is how it is depicted in these magazines, its not.

There is more to photography than creating these flawless images digitally, composition, timing and knowing your camera settings. I hope that you can enjoy my photographs as much as I do taking them. I enjoy feedback and comments so please don’t hesitate to share any advice you may have about my photographs.

Castle Mountain, Canada


5 thoughts on “Photography

  1. It is true that photoshop and Instagram have ruined the best parts of life because now we only see life through a filter and a 1.5″ square. We are more interested in likes than in actual conversation and human contact


  2. I tend to agree that editing an image is a bit like plastic surgery, the original subject is usually perfect (even in its imperfections) and just because we were not able to see it that way and therefore capture it will never change the fact that there is always beauty there. I love it when images also evoke the feelings the photographer had at the time they took it. A mountain like this always speaks to me. Happy climbing!


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