Landscape Vs Cityscape


Lanscape Vs Cityscape
Alberta, Canada

There is nothing I enjoy more than going out and experiencing nature. I take my camera and photograph everything I see. Nature is truly amazing, a mountain, a lake, or even a treeline. It inspires me and looking at the photographs after is just as enjoyable as the sight itself.

Walking in the nature can make you forget about the worries of the real world, you completely forget everything except for the beauty of your surroundings. Nature takes hold of you, takes you back to basics and changes the way you think.

I always thought I would rather photograph the natural world or a landscape rather than a skyline or a building but man-made objects can have the same effect. Human kind has made leaps and bounds and to see a building grow still leaves me wondering, ‘How did it get there?’ The same as nature, they both have their own ways of surprising us. A city grows but we are the building force, striving for bigger, taller, higher. We control the outcome, the only limit, our imagination.

What we have achieved is remarkable and only matched by that of the natural world. A mountain versus a building, a river versus a street, or a street lamp verses a tree, they are completely different but exactly the same. They are amazing examples of the wonders that nature and humankind can achieve. They can leave us breathless, inspire us and make us think.

Cityscape or landscape? Place your votes.

Lanscape Vs Cityscape
New York City Skyline


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