Once Upon a Saga

A Danish man is hoping to visit every country in the world over the next few years. He is already over one year into his journey and at latest count he has visited 65 countries out of the 203 he will hope to visit. There is a twist. He is visiting these countries without flying!

Would you like to take a trip like this? How many countries have you visited in the world?

For more information and the latest updates on this huge endeavour visit www.onceuponasaga.dk

5 thoughts on “Once Upon a Saga

  1. Thanks for sharing, it’s an interesting idea to travel like this. I find the fact that he’s going to visit all the countries without flying very motivating, as I’m dreaming of traveling with my cat and dog, which means that flying wouldn’t be the best option.

    I would surely like to take a trip like this, but I would prefer to spend more time in each of the places. I mean 1 day in France? Or Italy? It’s surely enough to say that you’ve been somewhere, and if this is the main goal, than I can understand this, but the guy is wirting about exploring the world. I guess, I would either take more time for my travel, or visit less countries, but spend more time in each of them.

    I have visited only 11 countries and all of them are in Europe, but I hope to visit more of course.


    1. That’s a good point. I would too rather spend more time in each country. When you travel like this you would end up spending more time on boats, trains and buses. That’s probably why his time limit was so open.

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