The Academic Traveller

I have been studying Tourism at University for the last two years in Helsinki, Finland. The subject intrigues me and has opened my eyes to areas of the industry that I wasn’t before aware. Tourism is a large industry, one of the largest in the world, and it continues to grow as more and more of us look to travel.

Traveling has to be something that consumes us. We have to be mindful of local communities and ecosystems we may disrupt in order to achieve our goals. The world is fragile, culture and heritage even more so. Being a tourist raises a lot of ethical questions we may sometimes be blind to.

I would like to use this blog not only a place to share my adventures from around the world but also those I have had during my studies. Hopefully these posts will be able to create discussion and we can approach some of the more intricate details that effect us during our travels.

If you want to continue reading please try the posts below.

Nature Tourism

Uluru: To climb or Not

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Khmer Rouge

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