The Oscars

You may think this is an usual post as it has little to do with travel or photography but please bare with me while I explain.

The Oscars are coming up this weekend, 22nd February, and in the best documentary category Virunga has been nominated. I have spoken in more detail about this documentary before in reference to Nature Tourism but now as it has been nominated it is important that it gets the coverage it deserves and promote these issues that we are facing throughout the world.

This is our time and we need to protect these areas of great significance. We can’t allow corporations to take control and exploit these areas ruining it for future generations. Even since the release of Virunga there still seems that these stories are becoming more familiar throughout the media.

Ecuador signs permits for oil drilling in Amazon’s Yasuni national park

If Virunga does win it will be a well deserved victory for a great documentary but still a small step in the overall scheme of things. These battles are fought by local people but they need global coverage in order to succeed.

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