Stop the Press!

Today I was going to post about Melbourne and specially the Eureka tower until I saw a video that moved me. I have recently been posting about the Australian Aboriginals and their struggles in Australia. I am no where near well educated on the subject but during my research I have become interested in their culture and built a connection with their history. Now Aboriginals are facing new difficulties as settlements are being closed due to funding.

Watch the video posted by Wes Carr below.

Visit Wes Carr’s Facebook page HERE.


4 thoughts on “Stop the Press!

  1. Loved your post and I saw and shared Wes Carrs awesome song today too on facebook. I am SO passionate about the plight of our Aboriginal people – this current threat to close communities takes us back to the original days where westerners invaded and displaced Aboriginal people, not considering their needs, culture, lifestyle, and all for the sake of the land….. I don’t understand how in this day after the Apology, all the talk about closing the gap, the way sport has come on board against discrimination and so on…. how can this be happening now? There is something so wrong and sinister about all this and I for one will do all I can to help stop the closures. Its so great to read your post, to meet another kindred spirit. Bless you 🙂


  2. I think its not only in Australia wherein natives (Aboriginals, First Nation and other terms used) people are suffering because their world are getting smaller and smaller until they felt that they don’t have place anymore in the society, because of the culture barrier and old ways of living (basic living) against the modern times of living, they struggle to catch-up with us and we struggle to understand them because of limited information, majority are forgetting that they are group of people where we came from that needs to be treasure but we tend to forget them because most people are thriving the modern life to survive as well and I really admire people or group of people who are able to support them as for myself, I can only help in a small way but the powerful people can help more by creating laws and policies that will respect and protect them.


    • Very well said. It is up to the more powerful to help the problem rather than making changes and cuts that force people to adapt to our way of living. Thanks for the interest. It’s great to start discussions. By sharing and creating talking points we are able to do our small part to bring awareness to these problems.


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