Palace Square

Palace Square is a large open square surrounded by historical building in the center of St Petersburg.  There are a number of key landmarks in the square; Alexandar Column, Winter Palace, the General Staff Building and the Guard Corps Headquarters.  In the photograph below the general Staff Building and Alexandar Column are visible.

Alexandar Column is a single red marble slab and creates a tower 47m high, the highest of its kind anywhere in the world. The General Staff Building forms an arch on the southern side of the square and faces the Winter Palace. Joining the two buildings is a decorative arch topped with the Goddess of Victory riding a chariot to represent the victory over Napoleon in 1812.

In 1905 the square was the site of the Bloody Sunday Massacre that would eventually result in the Russian Revolution of 1917.

See the archway in more detail in my gallery from St Petersburg.

Palace Square
Palace Square, St Petersburg

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