A New Year. A New Challenge

One great part to having a photography blog is the constant encouragement and motivations to improve yourself and challenge your skills on a regular basis. I often participate in the weekly photo challenges on the Daily Post and Cee’s Black and White Challenge. These weekly prompts are an excellent way to get out there more with your camera in order to capture something that suits the theme.

Recently I came across the Dogwood 52 Week Challenge, a photo challenge that helps you push your photography to the next level. The challenge has taken off and a growing community of aspiring photographers have come together to share and talk about their work.

Why not join me and many others in the challenge and remember to use the tag Dogwood52.

So far I have avoided posting any photographs of myself and I am still not sure if it something that I will be comfortable with in the future. I enjoy blogging anonymously. But with this new challenge you are encouraged to push yourself out of your comfort zones and I will attempt to do that throughout the year.

Enjoy my first entry into the Dogwood 52 Week Challenge for the theme Selfie.


If you are participating in the Dogwood Challenge please let me know as I would like to follow you as we make this year long journey in improving our photography. Hopefully we can create our own community on WordPress that represents the challenge.

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