From the Air

From the Air
Somewhere above Finland

After weeks at home in the UK it is time to return to Finland, but this time to Helsinki.

I have never been the person to take photographs through the window of the plane, but when greeted with the view of the frozen sea along Finland’s south coast I couldn’t resist.

Seeing the earth from the sky is fascinating and aerial photography is extremely interesting. I guess this is the closest I will get to taking photographs of the landscape from the air. Even with new technology that enables us to photograph from the air it still isn’t more accessible for a person to see the Earth from the air, except when flying.

4 thoughts on “From the Air

  1. Great shot! I do love the sunsets and sunrises from an airplane. I usually don’t sit by the window though, which is excruciating when you see something really you want to photograph out there – I feel like leaning over the person next to me but that would be too rude 🙂


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