Sculptures of Helsinki #11

Sculptures of Helsinki
Memorial for Seafarers

The Memorial for Seafarers has stood on the southern coast of Helsinki since 1968 to commemorate the lives lost at sea. On top of the monument a continuous flame burns.

In the background is the Mikael Agircola Church, named after the ‘father of literary Finnish’, and designed by Lars Sonck who also designed the impressive Kallio Church.

Taken from the ferry to Pihlajasaari.

You can find almost 500 outdoor sculptures, pieces of environmental art and historical monuments in Helsinki and they are accessible to everyone. See more and search through the database at


5 thoughts on “Sculptures of Helsinki #11

      1. Each had its own special qualities I think. I remember Amanda at Havn most of all as it seems to be a Scandinavian theme. There is Amanda at Kerteminde in Denmark as well so I wondered about Helsinki’s Amanda and her story. Do you have a favourite?


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