Grundtvig’s Church

Last weekend I visited Copenhagen for the first time and one of the highlights was my visit to Grundtvig’s Church in the Bispebjerg district.

Only 15 minutes bus ride from Copenhagen central station, the church is a rare example of expressionist church architecture. The construction of a church, in the name of  hymn writer N.F.S Grundtvig, was decided in 1913 after a competition won by Peder Vihelm Jensen-Klint.

Grundtvig's Church

After the death of Klint in 1930 his son Kaare Klint took over construction and the church was finished in 1940, nineteen years after the foundations were laid.

Once the construction of the church was agreed it was to be the center of a new neighborhood and the surrounding houses were built around it in the same yellow brick.

My trip to the church was remarkable. Only a short distance from town the church seem to be far enough away that it saw little visitors, or at least during my visit, there was only a handful of people during the time I was there. The emptiness of the church only added value to the experience and allowed plenty of uninterrupted time for photographs.

7 thoughts on “Grundtvig’s Church

  1. Your pictures are stunning. I truly enjoyed my visit to that church and only got pictures on my phone and was quite impressed with my shots but yours put mine to shame. There was so many things there to take pictures of. Well done and thank you for sharing them. Great memories x


      1. I will put some up on instagram and can email some to you if you would like that. Many regards Donna x


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