Colourful Copenhagen

When visiting Copenhagen I was expecting a city similar to Helsinki or even Stockholm, and in some ways it was, but one thing I wasn’t expecting was to find these splashes of colour on almost every street corner. Even on a gloomy winter’s day I was surprised how colourful Copenhagen was.

Colourful Copenhagen

These weren’t the only urban bird houses I saw, there were rows of them doted around the city. I am not sure if they are purely for decoration or home to some nesting birds, either way they should be encouraged.

Colourful Copenhagen

Colourful Copenhagen

I stumbled across a few great pieces of street art, especially around Christiania. There were areas of Copenhagen where the line between art and graffiti had been crossed but in most cases it gave the city personality.

Do you see it as art or as graffiti?

Colourful Copenhagen

Christiania was a pretty colourful neighborhood even during the winter. Most visitors snap a photo of the entrance before putting their camera away for the rest of their visit. I covered Christiania in more detail in another post and you can read that HERE.
Colourful Copenhagen

One of the most colourful and most famous rows of houses in Copenhagen has to be those in Nyhavn, a popular spot for tourists and a few love locks.

Colourful Copenhagen

Each Neighborhood had its own design, some with rows and rows of identical houses. The houses around Grundtvig’s Church is another example, you can see my photographs from the church and its surroundings HERE.

Colourful Copenhagen Colourful Copenhagen

There was plenty of construction taking place in the city but your attention isn’t always focused on that, as the fences were often painted in lines of colour or surrounded by an obscure piece of colourful art.

Colourful Copenhagen

The area around Superkilen was very unique in many ways, there were plenty of photo opportunities including this rainbow coloured bike rack.

Colourful Copenhagen

Even at night there were colourful spots to be found. See another view of the National Opera House HERE.

What did you think? If you have colourful shots from Copenhagen I would like to see them, share your links in the comments below. I am also on Instagram and would like to see any photos there that you love.

3 thoughts on “Colourful Copenhagen

  1. I have not been yet but will be going this summer. Your pictures are excellent. Makes my photographers heart beat faster and my camera itch.


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