After much consideration I have finally been able to put together another zine in my BRUTAL series. And this time it’s a little different.

Arriving in Berlin I was fascinated by the Mäusebunker. I had to make a trip to the building and see it for myself, at least before any threatened demolition took place. I had read an article in The Modernist about the history of the building and the fight to keep it. I knew early on that it would be a great focus for a new zine and I wanted to capture as much as I could on black and white film.

After taking a 40 minute train and a short walk there was a complication.

I didn’t know before but Mäusebunker was opposite to the Hygiene institute, another unique concrete building. Time and film were limited but now I had two fantastic buildings to explore and capture. Unfortunately, the Mäusebunker was largely fenced off, which meant getting photographs of those close up details became difficult to almost impossible.

After leaving and reviewing my photos I thought about a new zine featuring both of the buildings and putting them side by side. After all they were already linked by architectural style, threat of demolition and of course location. The result is my latest zine BRUTAL III.

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Find BRUTAL III and my other zines in the series at

BRUTAL is an ongoing series of zines featuring my photography. The first featured the Tricorn, a demolished car park in Portsmouth. BRUTAL II featured Linnahall a Soviet era concert hall and venue?? In Tallinn. This is an ever expanding body of work which encapsulates buildings from around the world. Among the cities I have highlighted are Oxford, Bristol and of course Berlin.

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