Klis Fortress

Klis Fortress is located  13km northeast of the town Split in Croatia. Due to its location on a pass that separates two mountains the fortress has help defend the region on many occasions throughout history.

One of the reasons I had heard about Klis Fortress was because of Game of Thrones. Croatia had become a key destinations for many of the scenes in the series and some of those locations are located around Split. As the demand for visiting these areas has increased so have the prices of the tours available, I wasn’t willing to pay for a tour and chose to make my own way to Klis Fortress.

Looking online and using the guide-book there was little concrete information, with many sources contradicting each other. I hope this post can be used by people traveling to Croatia and looking to visit Klis Fortress. After an hour of research I thought it best to head to an area where the busses seemed to be leaving from and try my luck.

Getting to Klis Fortress

I was able to find out that bus 22 left from the Croatian National Theatre but wasn’t sure where that was. I found the stop opposite what was apparently the National Theatre, here is a map and the times:

Klis Fortress
Map of Split

7:00, 8:50, 10:20, 11:45, 13:00, 14:30, 15:50, 17:20, 18:50, 20:20, 21:50

Even though the times were stated clearly on the bus stop the bus arrived over 30 minutes late, not sure if this is a regular occurrence or not. There were many people waiting for the bus and all of them seemed to be locals. It didn’t seem like this method was a popular choice or it could just be too difficult to find information on getting to Klis Fortress.

Bus to Klis Fortress 30 Kuna

The bus journey takes around 30 minutes. Once you leave the highway you are twisting and turning up into the mountains. Klis Fortress is really in a unique spot between two even larger mountain ridges. Klis is the last stop but you will already know that as the fortress dominates over the town below.

The entrance to Klis Fortress is just a few minutes up hill from the bus stop. I was there before lunch but there was little people around town and no one headed up to the fortress. Even though it had been featured in Game of Thrones it didn’t seem to have overcrowded the area nor affected the entrance cost.

Entrance to Klis Fortress 20 Kuna

Klis Fortress
Klis Fortress

There were very little people inside the fortress and I was able to walk around exploring all corners of the stonework uninterrupted. The Fortress is in very good condition considering its age and it wasn’t difficult to see how it was an excellent location for Game of Thrones.

Klis Fortress
View of Split from the fortress

The views over Split and the Dalmatia were unbelievable and just another reason to make the trip up to Klis Fortress. I think it may be more popular to visit Klis Fortress in the afternoon and watch the sunset as I imagine it would be amazing.

There are great small cafes, bars and restaurants below the fortress within eye sight of the bus stop, so I would recommend, as I did, sit back and enjoy a cold Karlovačko until your bus arrives to take you down the mountain and back into Split.

Klis Fortress
Klis Fortress

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Klis Fortress
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Australia’s UFO Capital

Wycliffe Well
Wycliffe Well, Australia

Wycliffe Well is located 380km north of Alice Springs and is known as the UFO capital of Australia as there has been hundreds of sightings since World War II. It has become a tourist destination for this reason and the small town has welcomed it. UFO occurrences are so regular that if you are staying over night it is seen as unlucky not to spot anything in the sky!

Inspiration to Travel

Everyone loves to travel in some way or another, whether it is in our home country or aboard a large amount of us do it. It helps us grow as people, understand why we are here and how the world works. We learn through our adventures.

“It’s no use to go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”
– Lewis Carroll

It’s not just the places we visit when we travel that affects us or inspires us, its everything that comes along with it. I can be inspired by something I hear, read, taste or see. They all define the trip that I have made and more importantly these experiences define the person I have become. Everything I have done in the past affects the decisions that I will make in the future.

We open our minds when we travel. Try things that we would never have tried before. We go further to have new experiences and seek out the unknown. Each day traveling can be worth a thousands days at home within our routines, and most of us count down those days until we can escape it again.

“Let the dreams of today determine the opportunities of tomorrow.”
– Unknown

These experiences in their whole lead me towards a future so far unspecified. And that is what this blog is about. What inspires us to travel, visit new places and experience something completely different.

What inspires you to travel?

Bac Ha, Vietnam
Bac Ha, Vietnam

Landscape Vs Cityscape


Lanscape Vs Cityscape
Alberta, Canada

There is nothing I enjoy more than going out and experiencing nature. I take my camera and photograph everything I see. Nature is truly amazing, a mountain, a lake, or even a treeline. It inspires me and looking at the photographs after is just as enjoyable as the sight itself.

Walking in the nature can make you forget about the worries of the real world, you completely forget everything except for the beauty of your surroundings. Nature takes hold of you, takes you back to basics and changes the way you think.

I always thought I would rather photograph the natural world or a landscape rather than a skyline or a building but man-made objects can have the same effect. Human kind has made leaps and bounds and to see a building grow still leaves me wondering, ‘How did it get there?’ The same as nature, they both have their own ways of surprising us. A city grows but we are the building force, striving for bigger, taller, higher. We control the outcome, the only limit, our imagination.

What we have achieved is remarkable and only matched by that of the natural world. A mountain versus a building, a river versus a street, or a street lamp verses a tree, they are completely different but exactly the same. They are amazing examples of the wonders that nature and humankind can achieve. They can leave us breathless, inspire us and make us think.

Cityscape or landscape? Place your votes.

Lanscape Vs Cityscape
New York City Skyline


Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge, NYC
Brooklyn Bridge, NYC

New York City is full of landmarks that people throughout the world recognise, it is impossible to choose one of more importance. The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Grand Central Station and many more. New York City is truly the capital city of landmarks.

Brooklyn Bridge was opened, after 14 years of construction, to the public on May 24 1883, at that time it connected the two cities as Brooklyn didn’t become part of New York City until 1898. Since then it has become a cultural icon and a National Historic Landmark, photographs are seen of the bridges unique towers all over the world.

While taking a boat tour of the New York harbour a local man started talking to me, he had a large knowledge about New York and was willing to share it with whoever would listen without any encouragement. He explained that during the construction of the bridge in the 1800s many people were killed and because of that the bridge is always flying an American Flag.

These flags were recently in the news when one morning they had gone missing and were replaced with bleached white flags. This turned out to be done by two German artists to celebrate the anniversary of the death of John Roebling, the German born engineer who built the bridge.

Read more about the stunt in this interesting article from the New Yorker.

What do you think is the best landmark in New York City?


And now, I feel my great roots Unearthed.

The connection between something man-made and something natural, in some cases it can be difficult to see the difference. In Ta Prohm temple it is very common to see trees growing over and through parts of the temples structure. Beautiful as one engulfs the other.

Siem reap, Cambodia
Siem reap, Cambodia

Setting Sun

So many people live within unhappy circumstances and yet will not take the initiative to change their situation because they are conditioned to a life of security, conformity, and conservatism, all of which may appear to give one peace of mind, but in reality nothing is more damaging to the adventurous spirit within a man than a secure future. The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from encounters with new experiences and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new a different sun.

– Chris McCandless

Setting Sun
Northern Territory, Australia

Remembering the Past

Canberra, Australia
Canberra, Australia

Today is Remembrance Sunday, a time to reflect on those who have given their lives for the freedom of others. This year marks the 100th year since the start of World War I so please find time in our busy lives to take and a moment and think about those who have risked their lives in order to protect us.

An art exhibit in the form of a sea of poppies has been installed in the Tower of London to mark this important year and has been a huge success. If you would like to see more from the Tower of London Poppies installation please follow the link.

“After we are gone our shadows will remain.”

The Lonely Road

The Lake District, UK
The Lake District, UK

In the Lake District it is possible to be completely alone in the middle of the mountains, the closest people miles away. I first went to the Lake District in 2002 and have been back almost every year since. This area is unique in many ways and each time I visit I am blown away by its magnificence.

See more of my photographs from the Lake District HERE.

Finding a Sanctuary

With more of us traveling it has become harder to find places off the ‘beaten path’ and escape the throng of tourists. The internet tells us of the top places to visit before we die or a list of unusual beaches to visit, we can’t be surprised when we get there that it is covered in people doing exactly the same thing.

While we travel we look for these places where we can forget where we are, where we can enjoy the moment and the surrounding scenery without the disturbance of others. They are becoming harder to find but when you finally find one the feeling can’t be put into words.

While traveling into Kakadu National Park in northern Australia we were instructed by the visitors centre to pull over after a few kilometres up the road and walk down a small path for 15 minutes where we would find a small waterfall. When I walked through the trees and the area opened into one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. My own sanctuary.

It is impossible to capture the feelings I had at that moment as I sat and stared at the waterfall in a photograph but every time I look at it I feel as if I am right back there in that moment and the feelings I had all come rushing back.

Hopefully it can do the same for you.


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