Avebury in Black and White

It’s difficult not to draw comparisons between Avebury and Stonehenge. They were both constructed around the same time, they involve large stones standing upright in a circle, and we know very little about both locations, almost everything is speculation and our best guess.

There is one large difference though, Avebury receives far less visitors even though it is as equally as impressive and the cost of entry is just the price of the car park. The  ring of stones encompasses the village of Avebury and it’s only a short walk in order to complete the loop.

The best way to understanding the layout of Avebury is to see it from the air. Unfortunately, as many of us don’t have that privilege we have to rely on the internet. To see the full extent of the stone circles at Avebury click HERE.

For photographs from ground level enjoy my gallery below.


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