Helsinki Cathedral

Many cities have a landmark, place or object that symbolizes the city and represents it’s imagine to the world, London has the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, New York’s would probably be the Statue of Liberty and the freedom it represents to the American people, and Paris the Eiffel Tower. This week I amContinue reading “Helsinki Cathedral”

Behind Closed Doors

In a remote part of Helsinki’s center there is a unique spot with a great view and a hive of cultural activity. Behind the power station in a large disused car park there is this small shed overlooking the city. Inside this shed and behind the bizarrely decorated door is a community organised public sauna.

The Lost Landmarks

Here they are. My suggestions of landmarks that I think are a must see and that weren’t present on the 60 Landmarks to See Before You Die¬†article. I haven’t been to every country so my short list is compiled from places that I have personally been and photographed. Now I can recommend them to you.Continue reading “The Lost Landmarks”