One World Trade Center

One World Trade One World Trade Center opened for business this week, becoming both a landmark in the development of this area and also by becoming a huge landmark. The building is now the tallest building in the States and forth in the world. It stands at 1,776ft, a memorable number in American history. When this Photograph was taken the upper stories were still under construction but have been shrouded in low clouds.

Is Space Tourism Realistic?

Space tourism is still in the very early stages of development and testing and it could still be a while until we see our first Space tourists. But this hasn’t stopped over 800 people already purchasing their ticket with a hefty price tag of $200,000 (£125,000).

Yesterday saw a huge set back in the space tourism race when Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShip Two crashed during a test run killing one pilot and injuring the other. Has this shook the confidence of those who already have their tickets? What does this mean for Virgin Galactic, a company hoping to pioneer a new industry of space tourism?

Tell me what you think. Is it realistic to believe that Space Tourism is the future of travel? Would you purchase a ticket to be a space tourist?