The Anangu

The Anangu are the local Aboriginal tribe of the area that is known as Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. They have tried since they have become co-managers of the park to persuade people not to climb through signs and information. The Anangu started their own company, Anangu Tours Pty Ltd in 1995. It is an entirely owned and operated by Aboriginal people as a vehicle for their involvement in the Australian tourist industry.

Anangu Tours is currently one of the largest employers of Aboriginal people in the area and it aims of providing employment and profits for its local Aboriginal community. Through Anangu Tours you are able to discover the real Uluru with cultural tours that are based on traditions and skills of the local Anangu.

Tjukurpa provides the guiding principles for the management of the park. Tjukurpa is the Aboriginal word for law, environmental history, knowledge, religion and morality, it is the basis of the Anangu values.

“Ananguku Law is held in our head and kurunpa [spirit]. You can’t put Aboriginal Law on paper; it’s the rules that grandfathers and grandmothers and that fathers and mothers gave us to use, that we hold in our hearts and in our heads.”

By working closely with local communities and keeping them involved in the planning and development of sacred sites we are able to preserve culture and traditions. Using local guides and companies can help ensure that the money we spend when travelling reaches the right people and stays in the local community. I was once taught a useful phrase that has stayed with me when travelling.

“Think global, act local.”


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    My husband and I were not disappointed with Uluru. Due to its popularity we realised it could have been too touristy for us, as we ‘like it real’. However nothing can take away the magesty and spiritual drawing of that rock! Absolutely amazing.

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