The Crocodile Hunter

All I wanted to see while travelling in the Northern Territories was a crocodile in the wild. Many of the places I visited had signs warning of crocodiles but after staring into the water hoping for a head to appear I hadn’t seen one. There were signs of them being around everywhere.

The Crocodile Hunter The Crocodile Hunter

In the end I drove out to the deepest parts of Kakadu National Park hoping for a glimpse but it seemed like a wasted journey until suddenly a head appeared in the water and disappeared again. At that point it became very real, I took a step back from the waters edge as my heart raced. It was minutes before the head surfaced again slightly further away.

Have you noticed the bravery of the people fishing further up stream?

The Crocodile HunterIf you want to see more Australian wildlife take a look at my post Wildlife of the Great Ocean Road.


4 thoughts on “The Crocodile Hunter

  1. just you talking about the head bobbing up and down in the water gave me chills, let alone seeing those people so near!


  2. Creepy, let alone thoughts aside from the reptile rowed teeth and a chance to witness (what media – properly or not – repetitiously attributes) it taking snared prey in a death spiral below the water surface. You’ve renewed my appreciation here for Winter in the Northern Hemisphere.


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