Film Tourism

Game of thrones is on a lot of people’s radar at the moment. It has helped changed the face of TV but it has also changed the way we travel. Since appearing on the show destinations such as Ireland and Croatia have become top places to visit. And the tourism industry is starting capitalize with themed tours and activities.

Books and films play a large part in modern culture. When a certain medium hits the global audience it can then affect other areas including tourism. These affects could be anything from more visitors to areas of particular importance to the increase in employment. This is a fairly new tourism phenomenon that is increasing rapidly as books and films are brought to a larger audience, acting as an advert for destinations.

Lord of the Rings changed tourism in New Zealand. Due to the success of the movies and fans of the books there has been a surge in what is now called Tolkien Tourism, which is when people visit areas associated with the films, the book or Tolkien’s life. New Zealand has seen a reported 50% increase in tourism since the release of peter Jackson’s trilogy in 2001.  I have never been to New Zealand but after seeing Lord of the Rings it has definitely made its way onto places to visit in the future.

With the increase in these areas and the demand for new services relating to this phenomenon there will continue to be a large market and people reaching new and interesting areas. The success that New Zealand has seen will not be the first, currently Iceland is experience in the same thing as it has been picked as a filming location for many recent science fiction films.

The future for these destinations looks great as they are able to negotiate for better benefits and attract tourists. The latest Avatar sequels are due to be filmed in New Zealand over the next few years. The studio has made a $400 million deal with the New Zealand government involving the filming and production of the movies, this will lead to an increase in employment and possibly a further increase in tourism as people see the movies. 

Films and TV have changed the way we make our travel choices. Where have you visited since your saw it on the big screen?

Film Tourism
Game of Thrones fans may recognize this as Meereen.

Find out how to visit Klis Fortress HERE

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