Everyman’s Right

Everyman’s Right is often more fairly called Freedom to Roam or Right to Roam, and is in reference to the public’s right to enjoy and access natural surroundings for recreation and exercise. This right exists in many different forms and in many countries, within Nordic countries the right exists in its most purest form.

Finland adopts the ‘Everyman’s right’ when it comes to the accessibility of natural areas such as national parks and nature reserves. Everyone has the unique opportunity to move freely and is granted safe access to the wild with very little restrictions.

Metsahällitus is a state owned enterprise that controls millions of hectares of state owned land and water where they maintain nature, huts and lean-tos, and hiking trails that are available free to all hikers.  Mushroom and berry picking is a pastime that stretches back many years in Finland and anyone is allowed to forage in the forests. Camping, hunting and fishing are allowed too but with some restrictions that have been put in place to ensure they are controlled.

Does your country adopt the ‘Everyman’s Right’? In your opinion, is the right good for the environment, wildlife and our natural surroundings?

Everyman's Right
Lapland in Summer

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