A selection of images taken when I travelled to Beijing in 2017 now available as prints.
7×5 prints £7 each, 10×8 prints £10 each, 12×8 prints £15 each
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Beijing - View from Jingshan Park
View from Jingshan Park
Beijing - Night Market
Night Market
Beijing - Bao Shi Fu
Bao Shi Fu
Beijing - Beijing Facade
Beijing Facade
Beijing - Olympic Tower
Olympic Tower
Beijing - Linglong Pagoda
Linglong Pagoda
Beijing - Olympic Stadium
Olympic Stadium
Beijing - CCTV Building
CCTV Building
Beijing - Line 6
Line 6
Beijing - Accordion Player
Accordion Player

After coming back from Beijing I released a collection of my images in a zine titled OFFBEAT which many of these photographs featured. I also wrote about a number of my experiences in the city, these were The Singers of Jingshan Park and The Body of Chairman Mao.