Road trippin’ in Australia

While in Australia I travelled as much as possible but still it wasn’t enough. I went from Melbourne to Perth, Adelaide to Darwin, crossing the whole country twice. There was still more to see so I went from Melbourne to Brisbane, then Brisbane to Cairns which unfortunately was cut short at Rockhampton due to extreme floods. Rockhampton was 26m under water for weeks, there was no way round.

I left Australia slightly unfulfilled. I had done as much as I could but still I was missing something. I never made it to Cairns or to the Great Barrier Reef. I would have loved to have travelled the west coast from Perth to Darwin but there just wasn’t enough time. Now there is a reason to return.

Map of Australia

Map of Australia

This post is an introduction to a series of posts about Australia that will follow. I will share with you my travels, experiences and photographs. They can be used as a guide but also to learn about a country we know very little about. A relatively knew country with a very old history.

If you are thinking about making a road trip in Australia there is a good article to read about which coast to drive. I have always wanted to drive the west coast as it is currently off the beaten track but it looks like that we will change as the east coast gets more popular and crowded.

East Coast Vs West Coast Australia