Joseph Arthur – Even Tho

The title of my blog, Our Shadows Will Remain, comes from the song Even Tho by Joseph Arthur. The song itself is beautiful but it is the meaning of the lyrics that caught me.

To find where we belong

Our shadows will remain

Even after we are gone

It was that last line, even after we are gone, that caught me. These posts are my shadows, the notes and photographs I have taken will be left even after I am gone. The way I have interpreted the lyrics may vary from person to person, but that’s the great part about lyrics.

One of the Reasons I Travel

This video is very old and one of the first viral video’s I had seen, I am not sure if that term existed in 2008. Where the Hell is Matt? is a video that made everyone wish that they could make a trip like that. Not only is he visiting almost every country in the world in the space of three minutes but through the short seconds at each destination you are able to see the impact his dancing made on the people he met.