Windiest Cities in the World

While staying in Perth people always claimed how windy it was. I had heard many times that Perth was one of if not the most windiest cities in the world. Some people were even more specific and claimed that the most windiest street in the world was George St in the city center. Even on Perth’s own Wikipedia page it states Perth is the third windiest city but not what the other cities are.

I have always found different answers to this question and I am still not sure what to believe. Each list and source contains different names and more often than not Perth isn’t mentioned. Even though the lists are all different they still prove the same point, Perth isn’t that windy.

Windiest Cities in the World

Wellington, New Zealand

Rejkjavik, Iceland

Cape Town, South Africa

Agana Heights, Guam

Perth, Australia

Chicago, USA

Torshaven, Faroe Islands

I find it slightly ironic that Chicago, or as it is otherwise know as ‘The Windy City’ is so far down this list and in some others not even mentioned. If you have been able to find a more definitive list please share it in the comments below.

Windiest cities in the world

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6 thoughts on “Windiest Cities in the World

  1. The street is St. George’s Terrace, not George Street. Try standing in that street in the middle of August – you’ll be almost blown off your feet.


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