From Perth to Portsmouth

Perth, Australia 2010

Ten years ago I had already been living in Australia for 6 months. I had worked at a ski resort , lived in Melbourne and crossed the Nullarbor,  before ending up in Perth. It was a great city but my time there was short. I worked at the cricket ground and caught up with friends but I never really settled there and it wasn’t long before I moved on to South Australia.

From Perth to Portsmouth

Portsmouth, England 2020

Now, after ten years living abroad, I find myself back home. Full circle. Years away has given me a new outlook on my hometown but has also allowed me to fall back into old habits and routines that you miss while living away.

From Perth to Portsmouth

Location Unknown 2030

Though the last ten years were, and probably will be, the most adventurous of my life I am excited about a new decade. Instead of long trips that last years I plan to make as many short ones as possible. Portsmouth is home, for now at least, but after living in Helsinki for five years I am often tempted to return.



Windiest Cities in the World

While staying in Perth people always claimed how windy it was. I had heard many times that Perth was one of if not the most windiest cities in the world. Some people were even more specific and claimed that the most windiest street in the world was George St in the city center. Even on Perth’s own Wikipedia page it states Perth is the third windiest city but not what the other cities are.

I have always found different answers to this question and I am still not sure what to believe. Each list and source contains different names and more often than not Perth isn’t mentioned. Even though the lists are all different they still prove the same point, Perth isn’t that windy.

Windiest Cities in the World

Wellington, New Zealand

Rejkjavik, Iceland

Cape Town, South Africa

Agana Heights, Guam

Perth, Australia

Chicago, USA

Torshaven, Faroe Islands

I find it slightly ironic that Chicago, or as it is otherwise know as ‘The Windy City’ is so far down this list and in some others not even mentioned. If you have been able to find a more definitive list please share it in the comments below.

Windiest cities in the world

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A Well Travelled Tree

Overlooking Perth in Kings Park is a very unique tree. This tree is a boab but not just any boab. This particular tree has travelled many miles, 3,200 miles to be exact. The 750 year old tree was brought to Kings Park from Telegraph Creek in the north of Western Australia by truck. The tree was so large on the back of the truck that it had its own escort.

Kings Park, Perth

Kings Park, Perth

See more nature from the region where this tree came from in my posts about Kakadu National Park. Enjoy!

Crossing the Nullarbor: A photo Journal

We actually started driving from Melbourne but after taking a detour along The Great Ocean Road and stopping off in Adelaide it was time to make the drive. Crossing the Nullarbor starts from Ceduna when heading East to West, this is the last town you will see until Norseman in WA 1200km away. Ceduna  is also the start of the Nullarbor Links, the Worlds Longest Golf Course that we intended on playing to break up the journey.

Due to Kangaroos it was risky to drive through the night and since we were heading West we spent most of the time driving into the setting sun. Officially the Nullarbor ends in Norseman but we continued to Perth. The drive took us three days and during that time I took photographs from the backseat every hour to see how the landscaped changed throughout the journey.

I had heard many things about the Nullarbor before leaving and the main thing people told me was there is nothing out there. After reaching Perth I can say that’s not necessarily true. There are things you will see crossing the Nullarbor that you won’t see anywhere else in the world, the Great Australian Bight, 90 Mile Straight and of course the Worlds Longest Golf Course.

Below is the photo journal of our drive, see for yourself if the landscape changes while crossing the Nullarbor and if you look closely you can get a small insight into our life on the road.

Crossing the Nullarbor

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