Australian Aboriginals are bound by a belief that interconnects them with the land, spirituality, law and care of the environment. The Dreamtime is the period of creation where humans and other life-forms emerged from the earth creating all living things and landscapes we see today. Creation beliefs can vary across Australia but they are all based on the journeys that took place during the creation time.

These creation stories come in many forms, they include descriptions of landforms, events and the characteristics of plants and animals. The kata Tjuta (The Olgas) involve tales of rodent mice or Mingarri and their interaction with different ancestors. The Murray River is the path carved by a giant cod who was pursued to his death in the lower lakes.


Dreamtime does not only refer to the time around the creation period when the land was named and shaped but also to current stories that describe creation forces that are present today. These stories direct social systems and form the basis for the aboriginal law and care for the environment. Dreamtime stories are passed through the generations through ritual ceremonies, dance, art and song.

Today Aboriginal communities want to share their heritage with visitors to their country and the best way to gain firsthand knowledge is through this living legacy of rituals, dance and stories that touch on the aspects of the Dreamtime.

For more about Dreamtime and Aboriginal culture in Australia read Australia Aboriginal Dreamtime which I used as a source for my research.

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