71° North

Nordkapp was once thought to be the northern most point of the Norwegian island Magerøya and has become the ending point for many peoples journey. But in actual fact Knivskjellodden point is further north and has become a popular walk for people trying to avoid the crowds and high entrance fees of Nordkapp.

7km south from Nordkapp is a small car park, from here it is a 9km walk one way to Knivskjellodden point at 71° 11′ 8″ North. With the parking spot being up hill it is a pleasant and easy walk down to the coast and along the point to where the monument stands. The route is one way which makes the return journey a little less exciting especially after you have reached your goal, to make matters worse it is a slow incline back to the car park that never seems to arrive.

There are many reasons to choose this walk over visiting Nordkapp but the reason I did it was because it was different and far from the usual. It does take more time and effort but once you reach the modest monument you are rewarded with beautiful views of the Norwegian coastline, the Barents Sea and the steep cliffs of Nordkapp, you may even be alone.

Enjoy my gallery of photographs taken from Knivskjellodden point and the monument, Nordkapp can be seen in the background shrouded in cloud.

What is the furthest north you have been?

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