Jussi TwoSeven

I first came across the artist Jussi TwoSeven earlier in the year but at the time I didn’t know it yet. I was directed to an area in northern Helsinki to see a piece of street art, a large owl hidden under an underpass of no particular relevance.

Jussi TwoSeven

I recently created a Facebook page for my photography and as the profile image I set the owl graffiti I had come to admire, it was then that a friend told me who the artist was and I found out Jussi TwoSeven had other pieces in the neighboring city of Espoo.

The first stop was near the Leppävaara train station, a long underpass that ran under the train tracks east of the station. On one side there are five large eagle heads all facing in different directions, each different from the last, the piece is titled KRAA. On the other side Jussi TwoSeven’s name spelled out phonetically.

Jussi TwoSeven

Jussi TwoSeven

Jussi TwoSeven

My next stop was in Espoo, I was looking for ROAR!, and it was slightly harder to find and a little out of the way. This time it was on a short underpass that went under a busy road, five bear heads in a similar layout to KRAA. ROAR! featured a colourful girl sitting atop one of the heads, at this point I am unsure of her relevance but i would guess it was the artists daughter.

Jussi TwoSeven Jussi TwoSeven Jussi TwoSeven

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Jussi TwoSeven at Gallery Heino

As luck may have it Jussi TwoSeven was having an exhibit in Helsinki at Gallery Heino that very week and continuing until the end of the month. I decided to stop by and admire his work all in one place plus a few new pieces that I hadn’t seen before.

Using a stencil technique Jussi TwoSeven is able to recreate his public work in the gallery on canvas with striking similarity. His inspiration comes from the wild nature of Finnish fauna which is evident in his work.

Art work by Jussi TwoSeven

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