The Contributors of BRUTAL Bristol

I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the contributors of BRUTAL Bristol by sharing their work and how to find out more about them. Without their interest and support in this project it would have never left the idea stage.

I hope that if you either already have a copy of the zine or you see their work for the first time here you will visit the links provided and show your support.

Ryan Trower 
Instagram @ryan_trower
Twitter @ryantrowerphoto

Simon Phipps
Instagram @new_brutalism
Twitter @new_brutalism

Jo Underhill
Instagram @jounderhill
Twitter @jostructuraleye

Alasdair Ferguson
Instagram @brut.alist

Andy Duffy

Instagram – @duffmonkey

David Griffith
Instagram @david.griffiths
Twitter @dpgriffiths


You can get your own concrete mini of Prince Street Car Park from Spaceplay as well as a couple of car park that have since been demolished, including Welbeck Street and The Tricorn.

David Bonney

Twitter @isetta_windsor

The zine wouldn’t have been possible without the written input from Tom Spooner, who provided his insights into Boardmead Baptist Church, and Ray Newman who talked us through the high rise tower blocks of Redcliffe.

Tom Spooner 
Instagram @dapwearer 
Twitter @dapwearer

Ray Newman
Instagram @ray.newman
Twitter @MrRayNewman

Further Reading:

BRUTAL Bristol is a collaborative zine created to showcase the unique architecture of Bristol from the perspective of photographers, writers, creatives and enthusiasts.

Money raised from the sale of BRUTAL Bristol and related prints will be donated to FareShare South West, a charity working in the Bristol area fighting against food waste and hunger.

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