A few weeks ago I wrote a post called Stamp Collecting about a photo competition of Finnish barns with the winning photo being made into a stamp. They have now reviewed the entries and decided on the five winners which I found a little unimpressive but the selection of runners up provides an excellent insightContinue reading “Barn”

The Life of a Reindeer

To many people reindeer are a mysterious animal and even in Lapland where they roam freely they are still a very elusive creature. It is odd to some people to think of a reindeer as an animal that is farmed and a form of livestock but in Sami culture the reindeer is very important. In manyContinue reading “The Life of a Reindeer”

Rice Paddies of Vietnam

The mountains in Northern Vietnam are like nothing I have ever seen before. This natural beauty that has been crafted by man over the years to use the landscape to their advantage. Farming can’t be easy in a region like this and it must have take them years to sculpture the landscape. The rice paddies followContinue reading “Rice Paddies of Vietnam”