Another Year in Lapland

In my last post I asked you where you had been in 2015 and what was your highlight. Thinking about last year I decided to post another summary of my year in photographs all taken throughout Lapland. January February One of my favourite photographs from last year and part of my most popular blog post Changing ofContinue reading “Another Year in Lapland”

A Year in Lapland

After a year it is time to leave the Arctic Circle and head south for the winter. It has been an excellent experience to see Lapland change throughout the year with its dramatic seasonal extremes. As well as the difference in climate there is also a difference in lifestyle, a more back to basics living.Continue reading “A Year in Lapland”

Ear Mark

Each reindeer herder has their own ear mark that is used to identify their reindeer. Each year the herders will collect their reindeer into the counting fences where they will mark the reindeer that have been born that year. The mark is made by making cuts out of the ear and you can see thisContinue reading “Ear Mark”

Reindeer Hunting

Recently I have been out hunting for reindeer, hoping for the rare chance of getting the perfect shot with my camera but it has been harder than I first thought. One day you will see a field with a hundred reindeer, the next they will be gone without a trace. Finding reindeer in the woods isContinue reading “Reindeer Hunting”

Winter Driving

Winter driving is back. Snow on the road means you have to take a little more care while driving. When a large truck passes by on the other side it kicks up a small snow storm that leaves you temporary blinded for a few seconds. At this time of year the sun is low in the skyContinue reading “Winter Driving”