Finland and the Midnight Sun

Finland is often referred to as the Land of the Midnight Sun and at this time of year you can see why. This weekend people in Finland will be celebrating Juhannus (midsummer), so I have compiled some photographs of the midnight sun. Hopefully If the weather is good over the weekend I will be able to add a few more.

Many of my photographs were taken during my time in Lapland, I even snuck one in from Norway, as there are many more days when the midnight sun is visible (depending how far north you go it can even be two months before the next sunset). In the south of Finland the midnight sun is usually in a state of constant sunset/sunrise during midsummer, if the weather allows.



Levi, Lapland

Juhannus is the Finnish name for Mid Summer, a time of celebrations and many traditions that have gone on for many years. This year at midnight and under the midnight sun the Kokko (bonfire) was lit on the top of Levi.

Finnish midsummer is full of traditions, one of the most interesting that I have heard of is where an unmarried woman collects seven different flowers and places them under her pillow in the hope of seeing her future husband in her dreams.

What are your Mid Summer traditions?