Finland and the Midnight Sun

Finland is often referred to as the Land of the Midnight Sun and at this time of year you can see why. This weekend people in Finland will be celebrating Juhannus (midsummer), so I have compiled some photographs of the midnight sun. Hopefully If the weather is good over the weekend I will be ableContinue reading “Finland and the Midnight Sun”

A Year in Lapland

After a year it is time to leave the Arctic Circle and head south for the winter. It has been an excellent experience to see Lapland change throughout the year with its dramatic seasonal extremes. As well as the difference in climate there is also a difference in lifestyle, a more back to basics living.Continue reading “A Year in Lapland”

5 things to do in Finnish Lapland in Summer

Lapland often refers to the northern parts of Sweden, Finland and Norway that are inside of the Arctic Circle. The area is mainly considered a winter destination with many international visitors coming to visit Santa Claus and experience other winter activities. The area of Lapland also has a lot to offer during the summer, that’s right, evenContinue reading “5 things to do in Finnish Lapland in Summer”

A Welcoming Sight

The last few weeks I have been travelling and had little time to post my experiences, I look forward to sharing them with you very soon. For now here is a sight that I haven’t seen for the last few months. Lapland has been without a sunset for the last two months but while travellingContinue reading “A Welcoming Sight”


Juhannus is the Finnish name for Mid Summer, a time of celebrations and many traditions that have gone on for many years. This year at midnight and under the midnight sun the Kokko (bonfire) was lit on the top of Levi. Finnish midsummer is full of traditions, one of the most interesting that I haveContinue reading “Juhannus”

Midnight Sun Over Levi

Due to the excellent response to my previous photographs of the Midnight sun and the fact that this weekend is Mid Summer, the longest day of the year, I have decided to post more images of the Midnight sun. This is the Midnight sun over what was during the winter Levi Ski Resort, now itContinue reading “Midnight Sun Over Levi”

The Land of the Midnight Sun

As I have mentioned in an earlier post I have been living in Northern Finland for the last six months. During that time I have already experienced the Kaamos, a period of time during the winter when the sun does not rise above the horizon, lasting for about two weeks. Now the summer is here andContinue reading “The Land of the Midnight Sun”