A visit to Porkkala and 1950’s Era Russia

I was lucky enough to accompany Global Degree and Day With A Local on a tour of the Porkkala region in Southern Finland as part of a YouTube series that will be released next year. After catching an early train from Helsinki we arrived in Kirkkonummi where we were driven to Sjundby Manor. When weContinue reading “A visit to Porkkala and 1950’s Era Russia”

New Horizon

  Over the last year I have been concentrating much more on my photography and would like to continue you doing so over the year, and possibly, the years to come. So I have decided with the help of this challenge to post a photograph a day during next year. What is your challenge forContinue reading “New Horizon”

Sculptures of Helsinki #7

The sculpture World Peace was donated by the City of Moscow as part of the Cities’ Friendship and cultural exchange program. The five statues represent the five continents and raise their hands in solidarity for world peace, above them a globe decorated by foliage. Designed by Oleg Kirjuhin and unveiled in 1990, the sculpture standsContinue reading “Sculptures of Helsinki #7”

Palace Square

Palace Square is a large open square surrounded by historical building in the center of St Petersburg.  There are a number of key landmarks in the square; Alexandar Column, Winter Palace, the General Staff Building and the Guard Corps Headquarters.  In the photograph below the general Staff Building and Alexandar Column are visible. Alexandar ColumnContinue reading “Palace Square”

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in St Petersburg was built on the site where Alexander II was wounded resulting in his death in March 1881. While travelling passed this area a gernade was thrown under the carriage of Alexander II, it was a secondary blast that mortally wounded him. Construction began inContinue reading “Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood”

St Petersburg

From Helsinki there are ferries leaving daily for places such as Tallinn, Stockholm and St Petersburg. If you keep your eye on the websites you can usually find a very tempting deal. I had been to Stockholm and Tallinn numerous times in the past, it was now time for something different, St Petersburg. With a changeContinue reading “St Petersburg”

The Soviet Union

There was a varying degree of architecture in Saint Petersburg from a range of different periods. It was the ferry port that caught my eye. The strong sharp lines of the concrete building with the Russian lettering on top reminded me of the Soviet Union and architecture that was popular at that time.