A Welcoming Sight

The last few weeks I have been travelling and had little time to post my experiences, I look forward to sharing them with you very soon. For now here is a sight that I haven’t seen for the last few months. Lapland has been without a sunset for the last two months but while travellingContinue reading “A Welcoming Sight”

The Land of the Midnight Sun

As I have mentioned in anĀ earlier post I have been living in Northern Finland for the last six months. During that time I have already experienced the Kaamos, a period of time during the winter when the sun does not rise above the horizon, lasting for about two weeks. Now the summer is here andContinue reading “The Land of the Midnight Sun”

Litchfield National Park

Litchfield National Park is located 100 km south west of Darwin and was given National Park status in 1986. Each year the park attracts over quarter of a million visitors and features some of the greatest scenery in Australia. The majority of the sites are stunning waterfalls with most open for swimming. Litchfield National Park