By Night

Night photography takes a little more technique and time than just point and shoot. You have to know the functions of your camera well but the end results can always be different and sometime surprising. For me I think that is part of the appeal.

The inspiration for this post comes from a post card a friend of mine would always send me. The card would be completely blank with the simple phrase ‘(Insert name of city he was visiting at the time) By Night’.  The scene never changed, just the name of the city it was supposed to be representing.


A New Year. A New Challenge

One great part to having a photography blog is the constant encouragement and motivations to improve yourself and challenge your skills on a regular basis. I often participate in the weekly photo challenges on the Daily Post and Cee’s Black and White Challenge. These weekly prompts are an excellent way to get out there more with your camera in order to capture something that suits the theme.

Recently I came across the Dogwood 52 Week Challenge, a photo challenge that helps you push your photography to the next level. The challenge has taken off and a growing community of aspiring photographers have come together to share and talk about their work.

Why not join me and many others in the challenge and remember to use the tag Dogwood52.

So far I have avoided posting any photographs of myself and I am still not sure if it something that I will be comfortable with in the future. I enjoy blogging anonymously. But with this new challenge you are encouraged to push yourself out of your comfort zones and I will attempt to do that throughout the year.

Enjoy my first entry into the Dogwood 52 Week Challenge for the theme Selfie.


If you are participating in the Dogwood Challenge please let me know as I would like to follow you as we make this year long journey in improving our photography. Hopefully we can create our own community on WordPress that represents the challenge.

Photographing the Northern Lights

Photographing the Northern Lights comes down to one thing in my opinion, chance. It is all about being in the right place as the right time. The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon that are hard to predict and to chance a glimpse of them you have to spend a few hours out in the cold temperatures.

But once you get that one amazing photograph is all becomes worth it.

Here is a list of helpful tips when attempting to photograph the Northern Lights:

  1. Know your camera. It will be dark and you will need to change your camera settings quickly in order to capture the moving lights. A basic knowledge of long exposure shots will go a long way.
  2. Take a tripod. The second most important piece of kit apart from your camera. I have made do without a tripod in the past but taking one makes adjust angels and positions so much easier.
  3. Dress warm. Find a nice place to set up and make sure you have plenty of clothes, you never know how long the magical display will last.
  4. Take a light. Having a light with you makes everything a lot easier in the dark and also gives you other opportunities for long exposure shots while you wait.
  5. Be patient. Not everyone gets to see the Northern Lights, that’s just the way it is. The more time you are outside the higher your chances.
Photographing the Northern Lights

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The Vivid Northern Lights

The Vivid Northern Lights


Yesterday I posted a photography of the midnight sun which was in response to the weekly photo challenge on Vivid. Today, I would like to post a photography that is also a typical sight in Lapland but during the winter when the sky is often illuminated by the bright colours of the Northern Lights.


Lake District

Lake District, UK

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
There is society, where none intrudes,
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more,
From these our interviews, in which I steal
From all I may be, or have been before,
To mingle with the Universe, and feel
What I can ne’er express, yet cannot all conceal
– Byron

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