Alta Rock Art

Alta, Norway
Alta, Norway

The rock art in Alta, Norway is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In actual fact, what look like paintings are carvings into the rocks surface. When the site was discovered in the 1970’s they coloured in the images so that they could be seen more easily, this technique is no longer practiced making some of the carvings less prominent than others.

There are several sites within the museum and walking the outside viewing route takes about 45 minutes.  The age of the carvings ranges from 2000 to 6000 years old. The carvings in the photography above are thought to be between 5300 to 6000 years old. What is interesting is why this particular spot was so interesting to the artists and how long the carvings went undetected before they were discovered.

This isn’t the only time I have visited historical rock art. I have also visited a few locations in Kakadu National Park, Australia and you can see those photographs and my experiences HERE.

5 thoughts on “Alta Rock Art

    1. It really does. The more you learn the more interesting it becomes. When the carvings were made the landscape would have been completely different, everything would have been covered in ice. In there position has changed due to the rock returning to its original position after being compressed during the last ice age. Incredible.

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      1. totally!! I wrote about some on my blog too … the only rock art I’ve ever seen… it was in Moab and I just couldn’t stop freaking out about it! for many of the same reasons you just mentioned!


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