Helsinki 1952

After the 1940 Olympics was cancelled due to World War II Helsinki would hold the 1952 Olympics instead, this was the second Olympics to take place since the end of the war. Today in the city you can visit several of the stadiums that held events during the Olympics. In the gallery below you can see Helsinki Olympic Stadium with its viewing tower that is open to the public.

10 thoughts on “Helsinki 1952

      1. In Berlin. The story is, he had to leave or his team didn’t compete because of the war. I have the gymnastics actual program of the gymnasts competing from 1936.


  1. I was young boy living in Helsinki when there Olympic Games 1952 in Helsinki. It was nice time. In the 70ties, in Guatemala City in the customs, I met one racing cyclist who participated cycling at the Olympic Games in Helsinki. We had nice talk. So, the world is small.


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