Tate modern

Tate Modern

The Bankside Power Station in London is now home to the Tate Modern. At first there had been a coal fired power station in this location from 1891 but the area was developed and construction of the current building was fully completed in 1963. Between 1952-1981  the power station generated electricity for the city.

The building sits on the bank of the Thames and is seen as a historical icon of the city. Its unique chimney was restricted at a height of 99m as it had be lower St. Paul’s Cathedral on the opposite bank. In recent years the building went through a £134 million conversion project and opened in 2000 as the Tate Modern

These photographs were taken at a time when the Tate Modern was hosting a Damien Hirst exhibit and the statue outside was part of his work, other famous work of Hirst is the 50 million diamond encrusted platinum skull and the shark in a tank, both were featured in the exhibit.


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    1. You don’t have to. In truth I am split, some of his work is excellent and they really make you think about life and death, his butterfly stained glass windows are beautiful. but on the other hand the platinum skull is a reach for me.

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