Another Year in Lapland

In my last post I asked you where you had been in 2015 and what was your highlight. Thinking about last year I decided to post another summary of my year in photographs all taken throughout Lapland.


Another Year in Lapland


Another Year in Lapland

One of my favourite photographs from last year and part of my most popular blog post Changing of the Season.


Another Year in Lapland

In Finland it is common to have a dip in a hole cut into the lake, like this one, after the sauna. Have you done it?


Another Year in Lapland

Seeing the Northern Lights can be difficult, by being in Lapland a year the chances of seeing them were far more likely.


Another Year in Lapland
Tromsø, Norwary

Tromsø, my destination of 2015. Where was yours?


Another Year in Lapland
Yllasjarvi, Finland


Another Year in Lapland

One of the most idyllic cabins I have ever visited. Unfortunately it is only an empty shell, a prop left over from a movie. Visit my post A Cabin with a View to see more.


Another Year in Lapland
Nordcap, Norway

Another photograph from Norway, this time from the most Northern part. If you travelled by sea from here the next place you would reach would be the Arctic.

Read more about reindeer in my post Life of a Reindeer.


Another Year in Lapland
Kilpisjärvi, Finland

the 1,029m Saana fell towers over the small town of Kilpisjärvi in the Northern arm of Finland. See the 742 steps that lead to the top HERE.


Another Year in Lapland
Levi, Finland


Another Year in Lapland


Another Year in Lapland

Wandering reindeer are easy to spot but they never stay around too long.

For my other year in pictures visit my post HERE.


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