A Year in Lapland

After a year it is time to leave the Arctic Circle and head south for the winter. It has been an excellent experience to see Lapland change throughout the year with its dramatic seasonal extremes.

As well as the difference in climate there is also a difference in lifestyle, a more back to basics living. Nature is a large part of living in Lapland and during the long summer days you can make the most of it. To really enjoy Lapland you have to come to terms with the dark and cold days during the winter.

I have shared many of my photographs with you over the year but there are stills some I haven’t. I have compiled a list of the last year, a photograph for each month. Some you might have seen but many you wouldn’t have.

What month (or months) do you like the most?

A Year in Lapland


A Year in Lapland
Ice hole swimming in Ylläsjärvi


A Year in Lapland
The top of Ylläs


A Year in Lapland


A Year in Lapland
Lets race!


A Year in Lapland
The melting of the ice, Ylläsjärvi


A Year in Lapland
The Midnight Sun

Other photographs of the Midnight Sun HERE and HERE.


A Year in Lapland

Reindeer are free to roam in Lapland. See more photographs HERE.


A Year in Lapland

Featured in my post Three Nations Border Point


A Year in Lapland


A Year in Lapland

For more Northern Lights


A Year in Lapland


A Year in Lapland

8 thoughts on “A Year in Lapland

  1. January, June, April, October are my favorites. I couldn’t narrow it down to one because they’re all so good. 🙂


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