Fair Welbeck Street

Fair Welbeck Street

FAIR WELBECK STREET, in all your brutalist majesty,
Balanced & bold against the massive London sky,
Teetering house of cards, it would be such a travesty
To bring the barrier down, and say goodbye.
In your storey-stacked style, you seem to call
To days when we were young, shook hands, dreamed dreams
Of progress, motion, of standing tall, a future fast and fine as jet streams.
These five-sided triangles, pointing down from above, certain in saying: YOU ARE HERE. You are loved.
And now your days are nearly gone, but turning off the thoroughfare
I find your striplights glaring on, the ever-widening dream, still there.
I know I shall pass by one morning, to find an absence in your place.
Let traffic dip its lights in mourning, for your cemented charm, your concrete grace.
Farewell, fair Welbeck Street, too beautiful to last
Once you were the future
Welcome to the past.


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