Valley of Rocks

Valley of Rocks

Valley of Rocks is an area of particular natural beauty on the northern coast of Devon. The valley lies within the Exmoor National Park, though it is only small it leaves a much larger impression. At first the Coast Path runs alongside the Valley of Rocks overlooking the sea before turning inland and passing through its centre.

Valley of Rocks

It wasn’t only the scenery that was different to what I had been used to walking along the coast path, but also the architecture. Hidden away in the grounds of Lee Abbey and the Beacon Activity Centre was a building of unusual origin and design that caught my attention.

Valley of Rocks

The grounds of the Abbey were closed to visitors but I was able to grab a shot of my favourite building framed by the entrance archway. There was such a juxtaposition in the style of the buildings it sat between that it raised the question of how and why it came about. I tried to find further information but I wasn’t able to.

Valley of Rocks

It wasn’t long before I was walking out of the Valley of Rocks and was surrounded once again with scenery that was more familiar and typical of what I was expecting to see. Idyllic stone houses with smoking chimneys sat alone before ascending out of the valley.

Valley of Rocks

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