Central Animal Laboratories of the Free University of Berlin

Zentrale Tierlaboratorien der Freien Universität Berlin
Central Animal Laboratories of the Free University of Berlin

Situated in the south west of Berlin the building is now more commonly referred to as Mäusebunker (Mouse Bunker in English) but has gone by many names since construction was completed in 1981.

The buildings design is singular with its pyramid shape and striking ventilation pipes that protrude from its walls. From the beginning the design from Gerd Hänska was seen as controversial, especially due to the buildings original use as an animal testing facility.

Mäusebunker has been empty since 2020 and was due for demolition later that year. A petition was started and gained popularity quickly saving it from demolition and now other uses for the building are being explored. Though demolition is an unlikely fate for Mäusebunker, like many others, its future still hangs in the balance.

Further reading:

There are some great articles out there about the Mäusebunker from Dezeen, Abandoned Berlin and Greyscape that are well worth a read.

My zine BRUTAL III featuring the Mäusebunker is available to order. It also features The Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology another brutal icon in Berlin.

For more Brutalism on film see The Barbican on Film.

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