The Mysterious Linnahall

The following was written roughly four years ago after my first visit to Linnahall. Slowly decaying on a small section of Tallinn’s coast is Linnahall, an old sports and concert venue built in 1980. The venue was built as part of the Olympics that took place in Moscow in the same year. At this timeContinue reading “The Mysterious Linnahall”

Rajamäki and the Molotov Cocktail

During World War II Finland was fighting Russia all down its Eastern border and protecting its country from invasion. The Finns were hopelessly outnumbered and the Russians were a superior force. This period would later be known as The Winter War. Under the leadership of General Mannerheim the Finns had to resort to clever tacticsContinue reading “Rajamäki and the Molotov Cocktail”

Helsinki Ghost Town in Kruunuvuori

Helsinki Ghost Town is far from the tourist trail but well worth a visit. To get there I would suggest going by bike, it’s a great ride connected by cycle paths all the way from the city. It is possible to get there by public transport, metro to Herttoniemi and then a bus, I won’tContinue reading “Helsinki Ghost Town in Kruunuvuori”