Can a Landscape be Done Using Portrait Orientation?

Can a Landscape be Done Using Portrait Orientation?

Arabia, Helsinki

Many of the photographs I have seen for this weeks Photo Challenge have been landscape orientation and I asked myself the  question, can a Landscape be done using Portrait orientation?

Do you think this image is a good example of a landscape photograph?

Share your examples of landscapes done with a portrait orientation and we can create a discussion about this topic. If you are interested in this subject read the Photography 101 tips HERE.

Photo Challenge: Landscape


Saskatoon was one of the most boring towns I have ever been to. Everything was bad about it especially the accommodation. I kept my stay short and caught the Greyhound to Edmonton the next day. But out of that visit came an amazing photograph of a seemingly uninteresting bridge.

Saskatoon, Canada

Saskatoon, Canada

Sydney Harbour at Night

It is really a triumph when an experimental shot turns out to be a truly great photograph.  Looking over Sydney Harbour at night turned out perfectly and I didn’t even have a tripod at the time.  I used a pillar to rest my camera on in order to keep the camera steady during the long exposure, because of this I wasn’t able to get the perfect composition. Here is a cropped version.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia