Sculptures of Helsinki

I have always enjoyed seeing the variety of art as I walk around Helsinki, be it a statue, mural or sculpture, they often have a story to tell or a place in history, sometimes both. Since Helsinki Museum launched a new sculpture database my interest has increased and I have set out on a mission to explore these works and their meaning.

I hope with each work I visit I am able to develop my photography as well and use different techniques as I go. Follow me as I continued to discover art on the streets of Helsinki and hopefully create some art of my own.

Sculptures of Helsinki

Maternal Love, Helsinki

Created by sculpture Emil Cedercreutz, Maternal Love was offered to Helsinki in 1927 and took up its place on the corner of Unioninkatu in 1930, where it still stands today. Cedercreutz often sculpted horses and it is said that General Mannerheim once said, “Anyone can sculpt me but only Emil Cedercreutz can sculpt a horse underneath me”.

You can find almost 500 outdoor sculptures, pieces of environmental art and historical monuments in Helsinki and they are accessible to everyone. See more and search through the database at

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