Fountain in the Night

Sculptures of Helsinki

Sculptures of Helsinki #14

The story behind this sculpture isn’t an interesting one but I am really happy with the long exposure and the way motion of the water is captured. The Bank of Finland Fountain is made from welded pieces of copper and is meant to resemble cupped hands with fingers entwined.

You can find almost 500 outdoor sculptures, pieces of environmental art and historical monuments in Helsinki and they are accessible to everyone. See more and search through the database at

Photo Challenge: H2O

Helsinki Water

Helsinki Water

My idea for the latest Dogwood52 challenge comes after hearing that Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour party in the UK, collects photographs of manhole and drain covers. At first it seemed like an odd hobby, only for the most eccentric, but it actually turns out there is history hidden behind each one.  With this blog and my photography I try to capture something that represents the place in which I am in at that time. For the theme metal I combined the two ideas, what do you think?