Lapland in Black and White

Lapland to many people is a winter destination and during the summer it receives very little international visitors. In my opinion there are two reasons for this. Firstly, it is difficult to reach Lapland during this time of year as the regularity of international flights are far less, most domestic visitors will travel by car.

Lastly and maybe more importantly is people’s image of Lapland and the way in which it is marketed to an international audience. Lapland is often seen as a winter destination and many people are visiting during this time of year, particularly around Christmas. A majority of the services and facilities in the region are suited to this season.

But Lapland has a lot to offer throughout the summer, for example the beautiful and untouched nature that Finland has become famous for. What needs to change is the image that people have of this region and their motivations to visit, this can be done through marketing and showing how wondrous Lapland is during this time of the year.

Below are a few images in black and white from a summer in the Arctic Circle to show another side to Lapland that people may not be as familiar with.

What do you think? Is this your image of Finnish Lapland and life above the Arctic Circle?

If you would like to see more reasons why you should visit Lapland during the summer you can see other photographs in my post Lapland in Colour.

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